Parting Shots

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Well, I am back on hearty, red Oklahoma soil. But I wanted to share a few final pics from the previous weeks' army band hoo-ah.

Group shot. The 95th Division is reorganizing in October, so this is the last Annual Training for our group as the 95th Division Band. We repatch in a few months as the 395th Army Reserve Band. Basically we will do what we've always done, but wear a different patch. I think we're up for the challenge. Army Strong, people. Army Strong.

Different angle.

And a "less serious" shot. (of course the Army doesn't do "silly")

Flying in to Denver. I like aerial shots. I was trying to figure out where I was sitting when I watched the 4th fireworks downtown a few weeks ago. Somewhere down there. Results inconclusive.

How many bandees can you fit in a tram? Traveling alone or in small groups has its merits. But I like traveling in groups too for sure. The team/camaraderie mentality.

If you're in the military or a dependent, you can go in the USO room at the Denver airport. You can get tons of food, sit in luxury recliners, sleep in special dark rooms, use the net, play video games, get magazines and books and postcards, watch TV, loiter to no end. And all for free. Woo-woo. The place in Denver is really nice. They have them other places too, domestically and internationally. We hit it up like a pack of dingos. And if you're curious, USO is a non-profit and not funded by the gov't (so they say).

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    Hey John - I was watching CNN two days ago and saw an Army band get plowed down by an airborne guy who just couldn't get it together. It looked pretty bad! Google or You-Tube it to see if you can find it. I immediately thought of you! Good to know you are well :-)

  • Tara said...'> 3:48 AM

    That is some awesome information about DIA that I wish I had known last year when we had a 2 hour layover there! We will be using that room next time we fly to Denver. Thanks! :)