Some Highlights

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Warm up before our concert in Green Valley on Wednesday.

Green Valley concert magic. A great, older crowd. Super enthusiastic. Of course we got the Standing-O after Stars and Stripes at the end. I mean, who can resist the Sousa powers, honestly?

Half the venerable trombone section. Great guys, this lot. Except that guy in the middle looks kinda shady. Something about the 'stach really creeps me out.

Sgt. Stewart and Sgt. Stuart. Only she married into hers and mine's been awesomely attached my whole life. And obviously we know which spelling is supreme, though it did make roll-call situations tricky for a while.

The hotel fire alarm went off at midnight the other night. Lame. We evacuated across the street. I got some decent shots out of the ordeal at least.

Private Jones took to lying in the street.

Back seat shenanigans.

Annual band cookout. GREAT weather and good times.

The food was TASTY too. *nom nom*

Soybeans, I think.

Good lighting.

Dennis takes a sunset picture.

Aloe at sunset.

Dark walk home.


p.s. i love the Arizona landscape. and we have a physical training test in the morning at 0600. blah. The me right where he wants me...

2 Responses to 'Some Highlights'

  • SoonerZoom said...'> 4:25 PM

    Great stuff man. I hate hotel fire alarms by the way

  • Laura Negus said...'> 2:19 PM

    The man is really just breaking your kneecaps this trip.

    The "dark walk home" looks like an impressionist work. Could be a Pisarro.