This week saw the influx of some Idaho-based relatives to the Stu Family HQ. Two of these youthful relatives I've never met (you don't make it to northern Idaho too often from Oklahoma). But good folk, certainly. My little nephews fell into step with their similarly aged cousins in a jiff. I like how kids can go from stranger to BFF in one game of Nah-nee-nah-nee-boo-boo. I kinda wish adults were more like that. Maybe we could try ring-around-the-Caramel-Macchiato or something. But I'm not holding my breath. Or my latte.

Hot Wheels action. Here we have cousins Grace (R) and Olivia. And Molly went along for squirrel-hunting technical support. Good to know she's there in a pinch.

Papa Stu swooped in when the batteries waned.

Embarrassing stories with Pa Stu and sis-in-law Laura.

Nephew Joshy.

Olivia v. Hose.

The Jose Canseco shot. Bonus points for hand and bat placement.


Thought of Robert Redford with this one. Truly The Natural material.

Sister squabble.


Nephew Carson. Word on the street says there will be another nephew kicking around come March. This big bro will have more lackeys at his disposal before long.

Grace and Abby share a (muffled) moment.

In other news, these pictures were made possible by my newest photography friend. Call it an employment present to myself, but I'm rather tickled with the shots it gets. Behold, the 70-200 f2.8 IS. Remarkably it does my laundry, cooking and taxes too. So give me a shout. I'll bet it could conjure a decent macchiato.

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  • SoonerZoom said...'> 12:14 AM

    That shot of your new baby definitely makes it look epic. I mean, it is epic, but looks doubly so. I'm sure it will yield you many a great photo