Independence Weekend

A few from the holiday weekend spent in colorful Colorado with Uncle Bob's Denver-based clan. Oh, how I love Colorado. Vacation state of my youth...
And more info forthcoming on my developing life/professional plans. My, how things change quickly. And in ways I couldn't really have hatched myself. Oh, Life. How unpredictable art thou.

Ahoy, Skipper! Papa Stu manning the tiller on Uncle Bob's craft. Not a lot of holiday wind, but enough to sloop about.

Nice scenery. (admittedly somewhat tricky to drive a stick while navigating interstate traffic and taking pictures)

Front range.

Went downtown with cousin Darcy. Nice fireworks at Mile High and Coors Field. Go Rockies. Downtown Denver is cool. I recommend walking 16th Street.

1 Response to 'Independence Weekend'

  • Alma Mater said...'> 8:25 AM

    It seems that the fireworks pretty well sum up your life recently!
    Go John!