Took a Hike

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Despite angry clouds to the north, our small trio gathered yesterday for nearby hiking adventures. In the end it was a sopping, top-five-hikes-ever excursion by my accounts.

Fort Huachuca rests at about 5,000 feet and is amidst its monsoon season which means the weather is totally bossa nova for all things outdoors (cloudy, mid-upper 70s, cool breeze, low humidity. not the kind of weather you associate with Arizona). Thus we set out to see what we could see...

A good start.

Spc. Kimmel, folks. He has special needs.

Enter the rain. Of course we didn't turn back mid-way to the summit, even with nature's foreboding.

For fun. Sorry Sam, I kind of stole your idea (though it's not a self-portrait).

Parade field.

A darn shame. R.I.P. Nathan. You'll be missed. On the bright side he was only a tuba player...

Big rocks.

Summit panoramic. Pouring rain ensued shortly thereafter.

We were a little damp by the end (we were on the peak second from right when the rain started). Thankfully my camera didn't get too wet. Probably an amusing scene my hoofing down the mudslide trail, camera bag tucked under the right arm, running back style. Took us an hour to hike up and 30 minutes to slosh-sprint down in the thunder and lightning. Top five hikes, most definitely.

On a different excursion we played at a minor league baseball game in Tucson. This is a boredom-fighting pre-game shot in the backstage downtime. So much excitement.

If you're in the Army then you know one-third of your entire military career is spent parked decisively on your arse, waiting for further orders. I'll tell you the army band is NO exception. But you get used to it. A classic "hurry-up-and-wait" shot by all standards.

Sammy the Sidewinder. Shockingly, just after this picture the right-most soldier grabbed the mace and cracked it across Sammy's snaky face to the horror of all gathered.
No, not really. But that's what my brain imagined when taking the picture.

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    Looks GREAT! Hey - you are used to hiking in torrential downpours! No problem! Love the view and the rocks!