five-fold music

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At drill last weekend we actually did some meaningful playing. Not just the typical Sousa marching band what-not (I'm not saying Sousa is complete bulsh, but when it's all you play eventually your mind will atrophy and your musical senses dull).

I played in a brass quintet at Crossroads Mall in OKC. It was probably the first time in awhile that I really enjoyed playing my horn at drill. Within the group intonation was good, blending apparent, harmonies tight and musicality generally encouraged.

And I like the guys who I played with a lot:

1st trumpet: Jason — Guymon, Okla.
2nd trumpet: Phillip — Wichita Falls, Texas
French Horn: Levi — Joplin, Mo.
Euphonium: Chase — Norman, Okla.
Trombone: Me — N-town, OK

photos by Staff Sergeant Dennis Carrell.

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