My bro got a new deer rifle for next year's season. It's a Remington 700 series chambered in a .243 caliber (the bullet is .243 of an inch in diameter) and she's a beaut. I was in Dallas for a few days last week, so we headed out to the range for some target practice.

This is my grandpa's old Marlin 30-30. It's the old-West style lever action and plenty fun to shoot, but not so good in the accuracy department. The bullet drops 48 inches at 300 yards. Not ideal for shooting at a deer's "kill zone" that is about 8 x 8 inches, so my bro says.

Downrange through the 9x Nikon scope. The .243 bullets drop 3 inches at 300 yards. Accurate enough to take down a wamp rat any day.

My shot group at 100 yards. Not stellar shooting, but it would have been sufficient to dispatch Bambi. And that's really what it's all about, no?


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  • dinah bess said...'> 10:43 PM

    Awww, this is so incredibly heartwarming. I wish I had been there for the love/kill preparation fest. Run Bambi Run!

  • Anonymous said...'> 11:21 AM

    Addendum to article: This gun is a Remington 700 series chambered in .243.

    Winchester Supreme ammo.

    Drop is 3 inches at 300 yards.


    So deadly.

    There is no escape for Bambi.