Green light

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So...yeah...I'm excited.

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  • Chris Gawn said...'> 11:52 AM

    NOOOOOOOOO - he's mine! MINE!!! I had plans for our beautiful life together Chub! Well it's time to kiss goodbye to that white picket fence delicately surrounding a sea of roses!

    It'll be lonely this Christmas.

  • Anonymous said...'> 2:35 AM

    Go Nittany Lions!

  • Anonymous said...'> 7:08 PM

    Nice of her to wear a sweatshirt paying homage to:

    1. The oldest coach ever

    2. The team that held up its end of the bargain by allowing OU to trounce them in the '85 Orange Bowl--giving the Sooners thier 6th AP National Championiship.

  • Anonymous said...'> 7:08 PM

    For 4 long years I too had the platinum smile.