The 25th came and went. At the Stu family headquarters we unwrapped, we feasted, we wined, we talked, we laughed (one of us cried — see below), we napped, we walked the dogs, we sang carols, we desserted, we loafed.

A good day.

Dinah starts the day off with a peek in the sock. Oh boy! Fingernail files to smooth her chubby fingernails. Thanks, Santa!

Papa unwrapping the present I got him — a new chalk line with a string bubble-level. We broke the other one on the pergola project back in November.

Ms. Crocker preparing the snacky tray.

Joshy moving in on the tree's forbidden fruit. "No Joshy! No."

I have a crush on every boy!

Laura and Sam called long-distance from The Merry Old to talk with everyone. Carson talked to Laura a little bit, but was quite distracted by the Dallas game unfolding on the tube in front of him. "Aunt Laura, are you about done talking to me?" I think the idea of intercontinental travel is lost on a four year old.

Nephew Joshy has extreme baby butt-rash and four new teeth coming in. At times he became angry and used his magic — extreme baby rage.

Dinah with Hazel and Storm.

Post-rage zoneout.


Don't let the kicking leg and heaving giggles deceive you, he is not ticklish.

The Christmas spread.

The Fat Man doing, well, what a fat man does best. Pile it on, brother.

Chubby Dinah forking it in.

Granny Lillian and Grandma Stuart.

Laura and the C-man.

Dinah and G-ma Stuart.

Mom and her boys. Dallas is losing in the background.

Carson asked if he could take some pictures too. I gave him my mom's camera. It's like I was totally using mine at the time...

He went straight to work.

Here's one he got...

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