REAL Christmas Music

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For Christmas Eve my fam headed north to OKC for All Souls' Episcopal church service. This is the third year we've gone, and I think I finally have the service down. There's kneeling, chanting, responsorials and the communion procedures are a bit involved (but really good) if one's unfamiliar with the higher church customs (this was me three years ago).

But now that the procedural what-not is down, the service is one I appreciate most. And making the service even better is the REAL Christmas music that fills the lofty, vaulted sanctuary.

Here are some songs from last night that I recorded. I didn't record the whole song on a few on them. But they are SO good.

This is my favorite Christmas song now:

In The Bleak Midwinter
(music by our old friend Gustav Holst)

and another good one (I'm feeling a tbone quartet arrangement of this for church offertory):

Of the Father's Love Begotten

and another:

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem (the original Vaughn Williams arrangement)

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