Breakfast Club

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Well, after the long and overly prolonged tension of the previous prophetic post (PPP), here lieth something further that will cause, perhaps, a murmur. Somethings delicious and somethings suspicious. Somethings prime and ostentatiously sublime.
Some of these photos have no particular purpose, if only to bring a subtle lip crinkle to the surface. So, what say ye? Shall you have a look? YES says I, for not to gaze and you'd be a proper crook.

Prime Minister of Biscuitry Affairs, presiding. Notice her deftness and poise!
Things started here and soon our table was bountiful with breakfasty delights.

The chocolate gravy face, obviously. Multiple Arkansas-based familial generations stand behind the recipe you see incarnate in the pan. History never tickled my fancy so keenly.

The Spread. Caloric splendour blossoming from every corner!

This is the way we pour the chocolate gravy...pour the chocolate gravy...pour the chocolate gravy...

And THEN. Some spectacular things happened in the backyard. Words can't capture what feats of threadular greatness and thespianic swagger splashed down for those platinum, sunlit moments. So, I'll just leave you with the photo documentation instead.


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