Why I love So Cal


A blissful January afternoon in LA's Echo Park. A throwback to my jaunt out West a few months ago. Amigo and now-LA resident, Dave, finally emailed me the photo. (that's why you always carry your OWN camera with you) But whoa, there's a little slice of celestial bliss in that park, I reckon. And I couldn't get enough of it with my red Chucks and t-shirt in the sunny, mid-70s grandeur. It's like, OKAY, I understand why you people live out there now. I GET IT. Now please, just let me return to my attempts at Mid-Western climatic/geographic contentment, okay?

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  • David said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2008/03/why-i-love-so-cal.html?showComment=1205778660000#c1550933014912586736'> 1:31 PM

    Remember that scene in /Chinatown/, where they're rowing the boats, and Jack is snapping shots of the water exec with his 'lover'? That's this very lake.