Hangin' with Mr. Ling

The advent of the all-male get-together is quite legendary when you think about it. It's all guys. And we assemble for sundry activities and occasions. Brilliant! And we all know the usual go-to activities: playing sports, watching sports, drinking, dragging Main for hotties, acting stupid in public forums, video game nights on Valentine's Day (been there)...and the colorful list continues with various permutations based on personalities.

But what is at the core of every man's heart is the desire to summit the pinnacle of male bonding greatness — The guy cooking date. That is, two amig-O-s cooking up something palatable, old school, with nary a long-hair around. And, as fortune has it, both Mr. Ling and I are solid enough in our culinity that we dominated this milestone of maledom without a crumb of doubt. Thus, we cooked. And behold, it was good.

Mr. Ling examining the bounty, pre-baking. "This American food is SO easy to cook," said Mr. Ling nonchalantly. I shook off the possible racial implications (for fear of disrupting guy-night) and then had to agree with him. Tis true, those Chinese vittles are no easy feat to concoct.

And the menu would've made any self-respecting male ensemble proud: meat and potatoes. Quite literally. Oh, some onions too. And a couple unsuspecting Heineken met their demise as well, to our enjoyment.


Here I am, proving my actual presence at the gala.

And a dash of random to taste.

I shoulda gotten pics of the finished eats, but you know. We ate them.

All in all an epic odyssey, no? All hail. Guy's Night.

The End.

2 Responses to 'Hangin' with Mr. Ling'

  • schupack said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2008/03/hangin-with-mr-ling.html?showComment=1205819880000#c222103657852459523'> 12:58 AM


    ...culinarity, maybe? culinariousness?

  • thomas said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2008/03/hangin-with-mr-ling.html?showComment=1205952240000#c5526522733161030031'> 1:44 PM

    im hungry. oh, help me brainstorm summer.