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When you grow up in Oklahoma you get pretty used to the weather. Duh. But, what I mean is you become accustomed to dramatic and largely unpredictable climatic variances. Especially during the "winter"/spring months. Storm Season, they call it here in Tornado Alley. *ominous oohhing*

But for example: Snow on Monday, hail on Wednesday, gale force gusts on Friday and then perhaps squinting sunshine and t-shirt temps on the Sabbath to round the week off.

Yes, this is what you become accustomed to out here on the plains. And likewise, as is the case with fashions and pop culture, it seems all our country's weather gets a running start on the coasts and gallops inland where it smashes together over the Mid-West expanse in grisly super-cell deadlock. (meteorological data supporting this claim currently unavailable). That's how I always think of it anyway.

So all this to say that while it's hella flat out here on the range, sometimes the weather can be pretty jive. Like today. Gets folks out of their covered wagons and hay barns for a look at the sky. You know what I mean? Dern tootin!

This beauty formed immediately overhead as I passed. Thankfully it was a non-rotating variety. He introduced himself as Nimbostratus (but his friends just call him Bo). A most polite vapor, I'd say. Though somewhat unsubstantive when it came down to it. Anyway, he promised nothing grisly, so I went about my healthfood-store shopping without concern.

Twenty minutes and the gray curtain rolled away, revealing a backstage of sun and straight blue.

Another few minutes saw full happiness restored. Full cloudular retreat. Farewell, erratic weather. See you in a few days, if not a half-hour.

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    i can't take that cloud seriously with a name like that