The Mystery of the Backyard Shed

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It's like a thrilling Hardy Boys mystery, really. No lie. And so it's perplexed me for some months now.

Every few days I notice the shed doors slightly ajar in the back yard. And yet, no one from my house goes out there. Hmm.

And so I close the doors about once per week, only to find them slightly ajar once again not long after.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Week. After week. After week.

So. Who's the culprit? The wind? Vagabonding hobos? Sheeyah. In this town?

Or perhaps it's the very spirit of adventure, taking refuge in our meager lawn shanty on the fortnight (he likes to share his venturesome currency hither and yon). If it is Old Courage calling our plot a home, I think life would be pretty boring. As Adventure only needs a few inch door gap to make his passings. Nothing venturous in that. But I suppose that's his business.

Thus. The Mystery of the Backyard Shed continues. Don't make me call Frank and Joe.

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    ooo, can I borrow that for my story? Sounds perfect.