Simple Scenery

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I just like this one. Nice sky, nice tree. Characteristic shed.
This scene is a few blocks from my house.
Incidentally, the expanse is also the Sooner Croquet Club's (I think that's what they call themselves) home pitch. I have one victory to my name with said Club. What a night that was in the summer of '06. Simply brilliant! Sadly, I fell from the peloton greatness shortly thereafter. And I never made a career comeback. Seems I tend to have a lot of once-and-done, over-the-top victory experiences in life. Then I slump into consistent, unavoidable mediocrity shortly thereafter...

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    Hey, there are a whole race of people known as the one hit wonders, and they make lots of money and have lots of temporary fame.

    I, however, have never thought of you as extraordinarily mediocre. I have always considered you vastly superior in many areas (thus qualifying me to be your big sister).

    I would just think that, "Hmmm...maybe Croquet isn't my passion." Don't internalize these things. It's not a slump, it's a redirection.

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