Norman panoramic from atop Owen Stadium (Go Big Red).

Campus Corner.

Just kicking it in the night...

Escape route shadows. (children, don't try this at home. read: one handed riding on sharp inclines)

More shadows. I thought these looked pretty cool. Remarkable photo subject, too. That always helps...

Train crossing. It's coming! (kids, don't try this one either)

Close and loud. Burlington Northern Santa Fe's finest.

Heading north toward OKC (and other largely dull states, most likely).

3 Responses to 'Nightfall on Norman (an evening bike ride's yield)'

  • Laura Negus said...'> 10:25 PM

    That panoramic is gorgeous. Looks like a much more interesting city from that perspective...

  •'> 10:26 AM

    AWESOME! I always enjoy your beautiful pics. You've got the eye man!

  • Tara D'Angelo said...'> 7:29 AM

    I always enjoy your blogs. I really like the pictures from Owen Stadium. Did you sneak in or were you invited? :) Good times in high school were spent after sneaking into that stadium. :) Thanks for sharing the fruits of your photography talent with your blog-reading community.

    ~Tara D'Angelo