The Doctor is In

So I'm in the application process to work for a mission organization. It's kind of a lengthy process, as it usually is. And that's okay. But, when one needs a medical physical for one's mission org application, one takes the path of least resistance. One calls in the family medical professionals, of course. And thus, I'll introduce you to Sister Dinah.

You've seen her here before, certainly, but here she is in her native professional habitat. She's a Physician's Assistant and helps overhaul peoples' spines. The X-Ray at left is a spinal X-Ray, for you laypersons. I know. I've got a little bit of expertise under my belt. Don't feel stupid.

Credentials. The C means certified, as in Dinah took (and passed) an evil medical test of the likes small school children can only nightmare about.

The ol' Head Circumference measurement. I've always had quite the grandiose melon. Now I know that The Noggin is 23 1/4" round (or sort of round). They say extra cranial space helps alleviate brain claustrophobia disease that's affecting more and more folks these days. Too many, really. A darn shame.

For good measure, Dinah turned the tape on herself (after criticizing The Noggin's mass). She weighs in at a mere 21". Pshaw. Come back and see me when you got game, sis.

In-office light reading. I don't think Doctors/Medical peeps really ever read these references. But dang! Don't they look smart all displayed in plain view?

It was my first time in my sis's clinic. Kind of sad in that she's worked there for several years now. It was good to see where she works. The light indicates a patient waiting in room one. Hurry up, sis!

Dinah and doctor/boss-man/fiance Alex. Dinah is kinda like the second-string QB to Al. AND, in other news, these two will be getting married in October! Booyah. We at the Stuart Ranch are joyful. I have some pics of Dinah's ring/rock, but they are MIA currently. Perhaps you'll see it some day.


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3 Responses to 'The Doctor is In'

  • mikepettengill said...'> 5:19 PM

    Missions application? You go girl! Keep us informed how we can be praying for you.

  • thomas said...'> 5:57 PM

    Whoa. I wonder how big my head is.

  •'> 9:39 AM

    WOOHOO dog! Cool that you have connections in all the right places! Keep us posted!