Bits 'n Bobs

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Strong suggestion.

Hole-in-the-wall's menu.

Country clothesline.

16.920 liters.


Big dog, little dog. White dog, black dog.

Meat stew lunch.

3 Responses to 'Bits 'n Bobs'

  • thomas said...'> 10:45 AM

    now that's some lunch

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 11:24 AM

    I don't recognize everything at that menu...pupusa, mazamorra, etc. Please inform. It doesn't seem to list Bucha under that Bebidas list.

    Dogs are asleep now. Sleep, dogs, sleep.

  • peachesandplums said...'> 8:58 PM

    do you like my hat? no, i do not like that hat.