Merrily We Roll Along

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I spent some time in Cartago this week, about 30 kilometers to the east of San Jose. My friend Diana (from Oklahoma) and her hubby Josh were visiting her relatives there. Diana and Josh are my friends who got married in Costa Rica this summer, fyi.

But, at one point it came to my attention that Diana's relatives like to cycle. I quickly made it known that cycling is a favorite pastime of mine, and perhaps even a passion. And so I got a nice invite for a short four-hour spin in the Costa Rican countryside. And WOW. What ensued was probably a Top Ten ride of all time for me. And think. The locals can do rides like this all the time. Not fair. I need to get out of the Middle-America flatlands more often...

Anyway. Some shots from the ride.

My rig. Not a bad ride. I'd take it. I hit 60 khr at one point on a downhill. That's about 40 mph for the non-Metric masses. Pretty swift. Good times. No injuries reported.

Guillermo working it. The name of this particular town is Dulce Nombre (Sweet Name). I like that.

We ate papaya and bananas mid-ride for a recharge.

There were some other riders on the trail. Some kind of competition. We got free fruit out of the deal. Not bad.

The crew: Natalia, me and Guillermo. I have an open invitation to visit them any time out in Cartago. I could probably manage that...


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