The Diggs - aka Gringo HQ

We live in a nice apartment complex outside of San Jose. About 10 minutes by car from La Carpio. It's a gated apartment setup. We have a guard with a .38 on his hip, and a very intimidating watch/attack dog that weighs about 15 lbs. We hope his bite is worse than his bark. Overall a great place to live though. I sleep in a bed, there's a bathroom, the internet is wireless and speedy. Oh, and all our cable channels are satellited in from the illustrious Denver, Colo. So, greetings to all you Mile High reader(s), and know we're stomaching the same boob tube content. And you might bring a rainjacket with you this weekend, the 10-day is showing some precipitation off the Front Range.

And many thanks to my venerable roommate for letting me live with him. Muchas Gracias, Steve. If you ever come to Oklahoma, you can bunk with me for sure. And I'll charge you a very competitive rate.

View out our kitchen window. Not a distasteful sight to do dishes by. I like opening the little slit windows in the morning for a nice cool breeze. Don't need much here in terms of insulation from the elements.

Room for living. Not a few guitars.

Other side of the room. My online command post is there at the table. All very formal.

Here's my room, where I grab a rack and settle in nightly. The walls are nakedly sad, like a weeping newborn. I usually make my bed.

3 Responses to 'The Diggs - aka Gringo HQ'

  • jules said...'> 8:24 AM

    Looks like a nice pad. Sounds like things are going well in Costa Rica! yay! I don't know if I really believe that you make your bed. heh

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 5:38 PM

    Your walls look bald. Maybe you could at least make verb posters and stick them up there. :-)

  • Clint said...'> 12:50 AM

    looks like you got a pretty wicked guitar infestation.