Making a List


Went to the local grocery store yesterday. It's a five minute walk. I like the idea of walking to the grocery store.

Anyway, before stepping out, I made a list of necessities. I didn't need much. And so it happened. I made my first ever grocery list in Spanish. A mostly insignificant occurrence, but sometimes the little details in life are the most enjoyable.

So here she is. Bonus points if you know what item No. 4 is. The translation's very tricky.

Uvas Pasas

As a side note, before reaching the grocery store I'd made a mental decision to buy some spices. I had no idea what to get really, but thought I'd just wing it. I'm taking this learning-to-cook idea pretty seriously you see. Toward the end of my shopping experience I found the proper aisle. I paused at the entrance to the tiled, shelved corridor. Intimidation hung in the air. The culinary demons whispered thoughts of doubt and insecurity my way. I mean, what's an ignorant, male twenty-something to do when he's thrust into a new foodular environment such as this? I looked about for assistance. Only Pablo shelving frijoles two aisles down. I'm not that desperate. And so the decision came. Sink? Swim? Take your pick, gringo.

I shuffled down the hallway and fixed myself in front of the sealed spicy samplings before opening my eyes. My heart soared, my confidence spiked. This isn't so hard. No problem. Lots to choose from, lots of details to process. But I can hack it.

And then I read a label. And then another one. CRAP. My world was crumbling. My palace of confidence evaporating. It was all in Spanish. Everything. The decision was made for me: SINK!

I trudged away, defeated.

But I'll be back, spice aisle, wielding the deadly bilingual-dictionary saber.

I'll swim yet. I'm just getting my feet wet.

3 Responses to 'Making a List'

  • Sam Negus said...'> 9:35 AM

    7. Tequilla

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 10:38 AM

    y el mas importante:

  • Schupack said...'> 1:24 PM

    I looked it up for you. Curry in Spanish is "cari." That should be sufficient, I think.