Buy Your Chickens Here

I spotted this truck drifting the streets of La Carpio today. And it wasn't hard to notice. The loudspeaker on top announced its presence quite clearly, as well as announcing the going price of "fat, big chickens." The Birdmen as I'll think of them came down our little street and sold some flappers. So here's how you buy chickens in La Carpio.

Birds for sale.

The extraction. Some commotion and cooing in protest.

The delivery. These birds were quickly dispatched by a swift twist of the neck. And perhaps they bolstered this evening's spread of rice and beans.

"Fat, big chickens." Kluck Kluck! 1,000 Colones will get you two birds. That's about a dollar a pop. A fair price, I think.

1 Response to 'Buy Your Chickens Here'

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 10:19 PM

    Dedonde vinieron? Free range?

    (I love ones in particular, very loving birds...right up there with guineas).