Gameday Rainout


I like a good bit of rain just like anyone else. It usually brings cool temps and dynamic sensory offerings. And it's fun to play in. Fun to get muddy. But, unfortunately when you're trying to play an outside soccer game in Costa Rica during the rainy season on a Sunday afternoon, it can be a little too much. And so we had to cancel today. The pitch markings were unintelligible and the field was a shallow pond. Oh well. Beat 'em next week.

Eventually I took shelter under the tarp with some fellow hombres. Reminded me of some past BSA campouts gone wrong. You'll remember Daniel (on the right) from the panoramic pic below.

The wetness seen from our tarpy protection.


And a quick word on the climate here...if you're interested:

Currently, Costa Rica is amidst its rainy season. This generally runs from May - December with the dry season taking over the rest of the months. In San Jose right now the mornings are amazing: bright, sunny, clear — temps in the 70s F (low 20s C). Rain comes in the afternoon usually. Sometimes a deluge. Sometimes lighter. Lighting and thunder typical. Not a lot of wind (which is a change). And the temps cower to the high 60s F (high teens Celcius). I usually get a chill in the afternoons.

But mostly it's just very nice. Very livable and encouraging of a life spent out of the barn. I like that.

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