Children's Home Kiddos

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Some shots of the great kids up at the home in Coronado. Finally, some photos of gals on the blog, too. I've had some comments questioning whether there are any in Costa Rica at all. Yep. See for yourself. Some precious niñas can be viewed just below.

Milt makes his first appearance. The kids liked the jacket. And why shouldn't they!

We can go to the river up there. It's very cold and nice.

Ham and butter sammich. Quite good with cafe con leche (with sugar of course).


Big jacket. I'm still learning names, otherwise I'd write them in.

Grocery day.

Milt goes for a swing.


Bedroom playing.

Down the slide.


Costa Rican powerpose. Milt has officially splashed down in Costa Rica.

2 Responses to 'Children's Home Kiddos'

  • Schupack said...'> 10:34 AM

    they all look so happy.

    good pictures.

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 9:10 PM

    Yeah for Milt. I was wondering where he was.

    Ham spread. Nice.

    I understand how they make peanuts into butter, but I don't know how they make a pig into spread. This disturbs me.