Good Memories

Pictures are amazing things. So many thoughts and memories tied into small packages. And small frames. It's sad to think about life without them. *tear* I find I quite like revisiting my photo archives of previous happenings. Previous trips and gatherings. And I get pretty sentimental.

It's interesting to look back at old photos though. Invariably I critique myself. Technique, composition, subject matter, emotion, angles, action, creativity, human interest, story telling ability. Sometimes I'm disappointed. "What were you thinking with that one?" Things like this. But it's good to know where you've come from. How your eye's gotten a little sharper. Your execution a bit more efficient. Photographic sanctification. It's a good thing.

But anyway, that's not overly interesting. Here are some good times shots from a superb trip.

-Paris, Aug. '05-

Picturesque residentials.

Arc de Tami. And she excels not only in mimicry. She's a bang-up tour guide to boot. And I'm glad somebody knew French.

A boy and his pigeons in Notre Dame's shadow.

Le Guide, choosing the next route. Notice her fearless stance and map-holding prowess. We followed her everywhere. If she said "jump!" we said "how high?"

Narrow way. Such a great street.

People watching. I like trying to guess where they're from.

Street thrills.

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  • jules said...'> 8:51 AM

    Speaking of people watching, I always thought it was so hilarious how you could automatically spot the Americans who were tourists in Paris. Did you notice that?