Music Theory

I found an old music theory quiz from sophomore year, back in my music major days. We were studying fugues. I don't remember anything on the quiz really. It's sad. I miss those music theory classes. It's one of a small handful of things I missed after changing majors to journalism. But I'll say I did not miss practicing t-bone two hours a day by myself in a drab practice room. The musician life can be quite isolated...

But perhaps you could get some questions right. Especially you Bach superfans. Here are a few from the quiz:

1. A fugue is _____________.

2. "Fuga" means _____________.

3. What is the usual number of voices in a fugue? _____________

4. What is a subject? _____________

5. A recurring melodic line or fragment that accompanies the entrance of the subject throughout the fugue is called the _____________.


What is the coolest, hot-dogginest symphony orchestra instrument in all the land?

a. Trombone
b. T-bone
c. Slide horn
d. Sackbut

1) a fugue is the contrapuntal working out of most often a single thing called a subject over the course of the movement.
2) fuga means flight
3) the usual number of voices in a fugue is 3-4
4) a subject is the main motive in a fugue
5) counter subject

2 Responses to 'Music Theory'

  • schupack said...'> 4:13 PM

    how do you find those pictures

  • Jesse Schupack said...'> 4:50 PM

    1. I fear I make myself an easy target when I celebrate 1/10 of an inch of "wintry mix", but here in TN we take what we can get.
    2. I missed everything but the bonus question.
    3. That picture is awesome.