The Wigwam Village proved a hit for sure. We slept in Wigwam No. 12. I bought a t-shirt. It's gaudy as all get-out (GAAG), but I feel it's a worthwhile addition to the short sleeve lineup.

The woman at the front desk said her dad built the 'Wams back in the 50s. After he died they went dormant for a few years before she and her fam started the operation back up in the 80s. And here she is today, still wamming like there's no tomorrow.

The sign for the place reads: HAVE YOU SLEPT IN A WIGWAM LATELY?
Now I can thankfully say, YES, I certainly have. And perhaps every Oklahoman should have a similar experience, to stay in the spirit of the state's history. But that's for you to decide.

Oprah stayed at the Wigwam Village at some point. She didn't like them, so the story goes. I guess concrete teepees in rural Arizona can't match up to five-star accommodations. Understandable, I suppose. But perhaps Oprah's just culturally insensitive.

I bought fireworks (read: roman candles, blackcats) for New Year's Eve celebrations, but we had zero matches to light them. Sad. And the town's only Safeway was already closed (Holbrook, Ariz. is a small place you see). We thought about the cigarette lighter, but did you know they stopped putting them in new cars? Lame. That's always a brilliant source of on-the-go fire.

So, the teepees were a hit, people. If you're in the neighborhood, I recommend a visit. Have YOU slept in a wigwam lately?

Sunrise over Wamlandia. Northeastern AZ is a right cold place, too.

They're located off the old Route 66, just a few miles from I-40. And the petrified forest is a short drive away. A veritable smattering of recreate options.

Inside No. 12. These are the lavish accomodations we experienced. Oprah is wack. Though a beefier heater would've been nice. It seems those wigwams aren't the most supremely insulated of edifices.

The trusty walrus U-haul in the 'wam lot. Thankfully there were ZERO mechanical problems en route. Truly a blessing.

We spotted this U-haul after reaching L.A. Yep, that's a Native American squaw (can I say that?) on the side. We were super jealous. How cool would a squaw U-haul have looked at the Wigwam Village? I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Roadwarrior No. 1

Getting close...

AZ mountains west of Flagstaff. One forgets that the desert can be quite frigid if not uniquely beautiful.

More AZ peaks. And don't worry, I'm sure U-haul doesn't mind its renters taking pictures while driving...

Token food shot. Chicken fried steak at a shady place in Wigwam Village town. Nothing like New Year's Eve in a backwaterish town of 5,000 in Arizona.

Three-pound stowaway.

...more Cali shots coming soon. i go back to the Sooner State on the 4th, but look for some post-trip blogging action including beach shots, ferarris, mansions, skylines, apartment searchers and puking celebrities.

3 Responses to 'Wigwam Village and driving toward the coast'

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 8:32 AM

    Wha? Wigwam is synonymous with Teepee? And they're made out of concrete? I don't get it. This sounds too sensational to be an authentic wigwam experience.

    As a former director of cross-cultural field experience, I give you zero credit for that concrete cultural experience.

    That "dog", however, might qualify as a cultural experience.

  •'> 11:22 AM

    Am enjoying your trip. I've seen the wigwam village on our travels, but never stayed. Sorry i missed the experience.

  • peachesandplums said...'> 9:20 PM

    puking celebrities? now you have me hooked. i'd be wary of dissing oprah here. big brother is watching...