Landed back in the homeland today from out West. Back to the place where local football fans are mourning a powerful loss. Aye-ba-lye-bah. Our performance was shadier than a willow tree in the noon-day sun. But I've pretty much stopped caring. I'm numb. An emotional defense mechanism most likely.

Anyway, here are some more scenes from life in the big city. I'm glad I got out when I did though. The locals were predicting a storm of Noahic proportions, which in Mid-Western terms is a mild sprinkling. Those So Calians and their desert life...

But I guess the storm was actually pretty bad as there are about a million peeps without power in No Cal currently. Mudslides too. Eesh. That's not good. Perhaps their fears are justified.

Big city downtown.

Not enough light. Times like this made me miss my still-out-of-order Excaliber. But kind of a cool end result I thought.

Highway rolling.

Los Angeles proper.

Billy Boaz, confidently commanding the helm.


Hippie quality exhaust.

Hermosa Beach.

Drab beach shanty. Yours for only $100k down and $10k a month.

Trash day. Kind of a random shot, but I like to paint the whole picture.

Nice sandcastle. You'll notice the black beauty in the driveway...

Ol' Enzo would be proud. I might take it for a test drive if offered. Strange and beautiful all at once: $250k incarnate in such a small package.

Seven dogs for every girl.

Boardwalk. Quite a lovely scene. What I would've given for a two-wheeler and a free hour to pedal.


Token blog appearance. I lapsed into a front-seat slumber about 30 seconds after this was taken.

This man is puking. Let me explain. This is Paul, a friend of a friend. He lives in L.A. An aspiring screen writer on all accounts. Among other things, he can make himself throw up on command. Pure mental power. No fingers necessary. I find this spectacular and mind blowing. Such bodily control. Kind of gross, but certainly captivating. I questioned him about his ability and he obliged a demonstration. This is what you see. I have no explanation for the shirt.

If he looks familiar, Paul was also featured on an M-TV reality TV show that ran in 2006. Hence the celebrity puking. The show is,'ll have to check it out yourself.

5 Responses to 'Hermosa Beach, Ferarris and Puking Celebrities (among other things)'

  • Anonymous said...'> 3:38 AM

    What talent! His roommate Geoff is equally astounding. Such personality and bravado.

    Good people out there in LA. Good blog.

  •'> 7:40 AM

    Good pics, and good time to get out of dodge - I'm glad I'm not "home" right now too - looks like the storm hit hard. Erin

  •'> 10:54 PM

    I didn't know you all drove out together. That is so precious. Are you moving out there too ol' John?

  • peachesandplums said...'> 4:45 PM

    No Cal? Freudian slip?

  • Anonymous said...'> 12:30 AM

    A man spontaneously pukes on command. I think that pretty much sums up California. Or No Cal as it is appropriately titled.