Snowed In, Burned Out

It happened again to me today. The age-old problem:

I was tired. I decided, "Hmm, I need a nap," and so I took one. But, as I bedded down, the invariable cold spirits were upon me. After consulting the micro heat pack, I burrowed under the down layers and the slumber took over.

But then the problem struck. The usual one. I woke up an hour later and I was on fire. With a quick unfurling of the covers, I rolled out of the sack, sweating and only partially awake. I moved by instinct, realizing my imminent incineration with continued time under the once necessary coverings.

So, not an uncommon napping experience this afternoon. But I still don't get it. Why can't I just take a nap and avoid accidental spontaneous combustion? Maybe I'll never know. But I don't think there's any way to avoid this napping woe. I'm obviously not going to give up napping...

And it's still snowing a lot here. A lot. Up to the eaves on the basement windows. Quite nice. If you're a snowy kind of person.

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