More Promising Scenery

We rolled safely into the Colorado snowland this aft, having driven through increasingly poor weather conditions on the 70 from Denver. But no matter, the cabin is warm, the chamomile tea steaming, and the snow banks deep and beckoning. A hot tub as well. That will be sampled post-blogging I reckon. Priorities, people...

I would show some pics of me diving in a feet-deep snow bank and the subsequent ice-in-the-pants flounderings, but there's a problem. My camera died tonight. Yes, that's right. My backup camera. The side arm. The .44 mag. Apparently I'm hard on cameras or something. So, in the end, you'll have to envision a 20-something honky barreling into a snow drift and all that the feat entails. It's imagination time.

The foretold improved landscape is below (in comparison to Kansas, for example).

Potential hazard.

These runaway truck ramps have always intrigued me. I mean how scary would that be? Imagine manning an out-of-control semi truck headed downhill on a 10 percent grade. And the ramps are there, so such brakeless mishaps must happen...

Eisenhower's tunnel.

Toward Breckenridge. Our cabin rests at 10,000 ft. That's pretty high. It was about 75° F (23° C) in Oklahoma today. It's 11° F (-11° C) here in Breckenridge tonight. Woolen mittens recommended.

Papa Stu wandering around as he is wont to do.

Colorful Rachel.

Jowl adjustment.

2 Responses to 'More Promising Scenery'

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 8:18 AM

    I've told Molly, Tashi, and Abby that yall had to have an operation; that yall went to the vet and that it's going to be a lot of steel tables, poking, and blood. That way they don't have any resentment building up. Hopefully they don't get on the internet while I'm at work...those photos of Papa Stu wandering and Storm adjusting would send them over the edge.
    How come we by these pictures since you don't have a camera? Did you draw them, Simon?

  •'> 8:13 AM

    Beautiful pictures - beautiful scenery - God at work! Erin