One Random Memory Per Day (ORMPD)

We're all walking around with a lot of memories. Some memories more vivid than others. Some long narratives, others just tidbits. So, for me, I've decided that I'll share one random memory per day (ORMPD) here. Or if not every day, just whenever they come, and in fewer than 200 words.

So, we'll go ahead and start today. How nice.

ORMPD No. 1:

In sixth grade (c. 1996) I was among the most naive kids around. Wide eyed, kind of oblivious, nerdy, really quiet (at school at least), decidedly out of the loop. One day on recess at Norman's Irving Middle School, I saw a cigarette carton on the ground. Huh. Curious, I picked it up. Egad! It had some un-smoked smokes inside! My programming kicked in. I dropped it, shocked, and stepped back. I looked around guiltily. Cigarettes were the devil.

As I backed farther away from the evil-emitting cigs, I spotted two guys sitting on the bleachers nearby. "There's a pack of half-smoked cigarettes over there!" I proclaimed to them, relaying my disbelief, as if tragedy had just struck.

This information sunk in with the bleacher boys, Chris Debusk and another dude (hooligans in their own right). Then, to my disbelief, they jumped off the bleachers and made a dash for the carton. They scooped it up and the smokes disappeared into a ridiculously large JNCO jean pocket (I NEVER wore JNCOs, for the record).

And so, just as quickly as I found those devilish tobacco sticks, they disappeared. With the hooligans, and along with my ignorance of mid-90s middle-schooler tobacco use.

The End.

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