Real Winter


Rearview Alex.

Breckenridge F.D. truck No. 6

Neglected Westy.

Colorado pines. Tall and skinny. In light of the tree damage from Oklahoma's recent ice storm, I feel those Mid-Western trees could learn from these Rockies timbers: short branches = light branches = intact branches.

F-350 vs. Nature.

Witty Dumpster.

And I got my camera to work again, mysteriously and magically. And thankfully! So, here's the aforementioned shot of the honky jumping in the snow bank. Not overly exciting for the viewer, but hey, you do what you can to embrace your environment.

Post dive. Snow everywhere it shouldn't be.

Stumbling out of the drift. I've never before experienced the advent of snow in the facial hair. Kind of weird.

2 Responses to 'Real Winter'

  • jules said...'> 12:23 AM

    nice hat, eh

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 7:46 AM

    I recommend humming or singing a little tune in the background for those downhill skiing clips. They make them so much more interactive and happy. Just think what a few bars of St. Matthew's Passion in a nice bass would have done for that lovely clip? One word: dreamy.