So, Cal...


Practically there...almost. Shortly after this, a border checkpoint attendant asked us if we had any fruits or vegetables. Nope. He also checked the back of the U-haul, presumably for Mexicanos. None of those either.

Mojave-scape. There's a sign on the 40 after you enter Cali that reads "NO SERVICES 55 MILES." A no potty/gas up zone, to be sure. Cool dust storms though.

Welcome to California.

3 Responses to 'So, Cal...'

  •'> 5:17 PM

    Hey my friend - PLEASE (I know - this is asking a lot!) - kiss the ground of my home state! I sure miss it! Enjoy the trip. Sorry you aren't able to enjoy our neck of the wood - up in Northern California - but it sure beats the 3degree weather back in your home state. Miss ya - New Years Eve here was CRAZY!!! Sorry you missed it. Erin

  • Jesse Schupack said...'> 12:00 AM

    $3.89 for a gallon of gas? Absurd. you could practically buy a bottle of Evian with that kind of water.

  • Jesse Schupack said...'> 1:30 AM

    *should read "with that kind of money" not "with that kind of water"